When people need to learn how to be a Sniper they trust Zen Combat L.L.C., a Tactical Training Center that specializes in teaching people Sniper & Counter-Sniper Techniques like those used by Police & Military Snipers. Our students will learn stalking excercises, Camoflauge, Marksmanship, Mission Planning, Weapon & Optics Selection, Ammo Selection, Construtcion of Ghilie Suit, Noise, Light, Litter protocol, Cover & Concealmeant, Sniper Over Watch, Patrol to Hide, Hide Selection, Shooting through Loop Holes, Sniping from Vehicle, Shooting Through Glass Instruction, and many other other sniper applications. 

Sniper Training

When people need Sniper Training in Missouri or Illinois they trust Zen Combat L.L.C., a Private Tactical Training Academy  located in the Midwest that serves the entire state of Illinois & Missouri that is comprised of former Law Enforcement Special Operations Personnel with 25 years combined experience in conducting real world Law Enforcement High Risk Swat Sniper Missions, Dignitary Protection for Presidential Candidates, and Covert Operations as a Private Investigations Agency in the State of Missouri and consulting on Security & Investigations Globally. The owner and operator, Michael Bland is a former highly decorated St. Louis County Police Officer who has received numerous awards as an officer and is most know for apprehending a Russian Nationalist whom was the first person entered wanted as a Terrorist in the State of Missouri, apprehended a man who was a domestic terrorist enroute to a Nuclear Power Plant armed with an arsenal of weapons, and taken into custody by the F.B.I., as well as taking down yet another Domestic Extremist group that was operating in numerous states at which time Bland was instrumental in providing Sniper Over Watch for these take downs assisted by the F.B.I., Kentucky State Police Swat Team, United States Coast Guard Intelligence Division, A.T.F., and several other Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. After Law Enforcement Career Michael Bland owned and operated Shadow Company Global Investigations firm and conducted Private Investigations for 8 years successfully in the State of Missouri, Middle East, and Globally.

Assisted United States Secret Service in Protection of Candidates Palin & McCain, Sniper OverWatch on Extremist Compound and Raid of Extremist Compound, Former Police Chief, S.W.A.T. Sniper, Mixed Martial Arts Instructor, Gun & Knife Defense, Police Sniper School 1, Sniper School 2, Hostage Rescue Trained, Swat Trained, High Risk Search Warrants & Mission Planning, High Risk Vehicle Stops, Active Shooter Response Trained, Terrorism Awareness & Weapons of Mass Destruction, Response to Bomb Threat & Safety Protocols, Defensive Driving 1 & 2, Escape & Evasion Certified, Wilderness Survival & Self Rescue Certified, Emergency Medical, AED, CPR, Ambush & Counter-Ambush Trained, Counter-Intel, Spanish Language.


Regions We Serve 

Missouri, Illinois